Women In Technology 2013

Welcome to Lake Superior State University's Women in Technology Program for 2013. This camp consists of 16 campers, 2 counselors and many University instructors, teaching a wide range of skills in robotics and engineering. This website is being created as part of the Internet Research and Web Design session and is being taught by Ben Miller. The website uses the JQuery Mobile framework, HTML5 and CSS3. The photo album utilizes a Jquery plugin by Ste Brennan http://www.codecomputerlove.com/ and is freely available on GitHub and on the website listed.

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WiT - About Me


I love computers! This week at the Robotics Camp at Lake Superior State University. I really enjoyed working with the robots and learning how to make them do what I want them to do. It was kind of tough to move through the maze but that was one of my favorite activities. I also liked working with the soldering iron in the electronics lab. We created a voice changer so I can trick people on the phone.

In the evenings we have had even more fun! Sunday evening we were able to watch fireworks for the 4th of July, the Sault Parade and we even went to Dairy Queen. On Monday we played dodge ball in the Gym and then followed that with swimming in the pool. Tuesday we were able to go ice skating at the Big Bear Arena and it was weird to be ice skating in July! It was actually cold in there. I only fell down 2 times. Yesterday we went to the Thunder Falls Water park in Mackinaw City. We were there for almost 5 hours before making the return trip for home! We also had the best Pizza in the world. Tonight we will be going to the beach and having a bonfire out there.

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WiT - Contact Me


Contact Information

Email Address: EMAIL@address.com
Phone Number: (213) 555-2221
Facebook Page: Ben Miller Facebook
Website: 8forty8 Website

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WiT - Camp Information


Camp Information

The Robotics* and Women in Technology** camp programs have been offered at Lake Superior State University (LSSU) since 1991. They are an outstanding way to introduce the gifted and talented science and engineering oriented mind to the future opportunities of a high-technology world. Our hands-on approach, along with lectures, DVDs and demonstrations is ideal for college-bound students and exactly the type of activity recruiters are anxious to see on a college application.

You will receive hands-on experiences with computer programming, industrial robots, automation, computer-aided design, GPS, computer animation, electronics and Web page development. With each experience, the opportunities in these areas are discussed and current applications of the technology are presented utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

Arrangements can also be made with faculty to discuss any questions that you may have regarding other technology-related fields. Faculty are happy to assist you in your career planning.

Evening activities scheduled during the week include: swimming, ice skating, athletic activities in the University's multipurpose gymnasium, movies, putt-putt golf, and visits to local tourist attractions.

On the final day of the camp, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate a final project and activities performed during the week to family and friends.

LSSU houses one of the most modern technological educational facilities and one of the best robotics labs in the USA. The University offers B.S. degree programs in computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering; manufacturing engineering technology, electrical engineering technology, and engineering management. We are one of only a few universities in the U.S. offering an option to specialize in robotics and automation in an undergraduate engineering program.

We hope you plan to attend one of our summer robotics programs this summer. We believe the combination of fun and education will be an experience that you will remember all your life.

Campers Profile

Our summer robotics camps are ideal for the college-bound student. Prior knowledge of robotics or other engineering technology topics is not required. Participants work in a team setting and will be supervised by LSSU engineering faculty. Students should possess fine motor skills to be able to work with lab/test equipment. Campers arrive on a Sunday afternoon and depart the following Friday afternoon.

Counseling & 24-Hour Supervision

Two counselors, approved by the University, will be on duty following the day sessions. They will live, eat, work, and participate in recreational activities with you. The University promotes an atmosphere of fun during the week. Camp starts at 4 p.m. on a Sunday, and ends at 3 p.m. on a Friday


Housing will be provided in the honors students' living complex, typically with two students per room. Meals will be served in the Quarterdeck dining facility. You are encouraged to live-in and benefit from the away-from-home, college-life experience.

What to Bring

Shorts, tennis shoes, towels, toiletries, swim suit, light jacket, rain jacket, sleeping bag or sheets, blankets, pillow, small portable fan, and money for incidental expenses.


You will have full access to the multi-million dollar James Norris Athletic Center and the Student Activity Center. Included in the complex are a weight training facility, multi-purpose gymnasium, swimming pool, racquetball, basketball, volleyball, tennis courts, and softball fields.

Shirts & Certificates

You will receive a t-shirt and LSSU Summer Camp certificate of achievement upon completion of the program.

Cost & Scholarships

LSSU's summer engineering camps are exclusive programs limited to only 16 gifted and talented students per camp. Please visit www.lssu.edu/eng/camps for current camp pricing which includes tuition, fees, room and board. All participants are awarded an automatic $300 scholarship. If you are requesting an additional scholarship award, please complete and return the Scholarship Application form. Additional scholarships will be awarded on a firstcome, first-served basis to qualified individuals.

Selection Criteria

Several qualifications will be considered in the selection of a participant including the following:

No prior knowledge of robotics or other engineering technology topics is required. You will be required to work in a team setting with computers and industrial equipment (such as robots) and may be put into groups according to your age and talents. You should possess fine motor skills to work with lab/test equipment and sensors.


All classroom and laboratory experiences will be directly supervised by LSSU faculty and staff members. Engineering professors will serve as the program coordinators. Talented LSSU engineering student staff will be interacting with you on a oneon-one basis in the laboratory activities.


Our Robotics and Automation Laboratory is one of the best educational facilities in North America with modern equipment. This facility was recognized by the Technology Accreditation Commission (TAC) of ABET as one of the most complete and advanced facilities of its kind in the country. With extensive laboratories and limited camp enrollment, each participant will have plenty of personal handson experience with stateof-the-art equipment.

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